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Meet your hosts: 

   Sharon and Scott


Our Love Story...


With such strong familiar passions for everything  West Coast, it is no wonder that Scott and I fell in love, not only with each other, but all that encompasses our chosen abode and lifestyle here in Bamfield.

It wasn't a difficult choice at all to want to share with you our common passions. It was more about how quickly we could make it happen so everyone could start experiencing it too! 

There is nothing greater than having the ability to share what brings so much happiness and pleasure to our lives than offering it to others.

It will truly be our pleasure to welcome you to our home and lifestyle and hope you will consider The Shasco House one of your favourite destinations along your life journey.


A little about Sharon...

Sharon has passionately lead an active life while pursuing her career as a Personal Trainer.  Over the years she has had the pleasure of leading groups and individuals on some great adventures including bike tours, kayak excursions, sunset SUP paddles, snowshoeing, hiking, ziplining, and adventure racing. One of her favourite and most recent highlights took her biking around the Cabot Trail In Nova Scotia!


Sharon's compassionate, patient and resilient demeanour tends to bring the best of any situation to the forefront. With a constant desire to provide others with an opportunity to become their best, and experience so many defining moments, Sharon has emerged as a positive motivator in making goals and dreams a reality for so many folks.

With a strong emphasis on having fun you will be sure to create many everlasting memories with Sharon



...and a little about Scott

Scott originally visited Bamfield almost a decade ago which planted a seed in his heart that one day this would be his home. A few years later as that opportunity presented itself, that seed took root and Scott is now in the only place he's felt at home since leaving the East Coast as a very young man.  

Born in Nova Scotia, the Coastal life is nothing new to Scott, but he will agree that the fishing doesn't get much better than right here, off  Bamfield on the West Coast of Vancouver Island! There's never a bad day fishing, especially with Scott as your Skipper.  He will keep you entertained with his upbeat and outgoing personality and a sense of humour that will keep you laughing well after the day is done. Scott has fished the South Shore of Nova Scotia, the East Coast of Vancouver Island and now has graduated to the West Coast of Canada!

Scott loves to be on the water and truly believes that "Fishing is the pursuit of that which is elusive but obtainable, a perpetual series of opportunity for hope". Every morning that he goes in search of this elusive prey it is with a heart filled with hope, a mind filled with tactics and a grin on his face. "Living the dream? Ubetcha!!" 

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