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Fishing Charters

Our Boat


Our vessel, the “LOUDOG II”, is a 26’ Robalo R265 powered by twin Yamaha 225s. A smooth ride, a solid boat an experienced Captain and an enclosed cabin with a private washroom ensures guest comfort.

The “LOUDOG II” is equipped with an EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon), life raft, auto-inflatable life vests, marine VHF with DSC and all of the Transport Canada required safety equipment. Your Charter Captain has his SVOP, MED-3, First Aid and ROC-M courses. Safety is paramount on the West Coast and taken seriously.

Our fishing equipment includes Islander MR2LA reels on 10’6” mooching rods. Our 5’8” Ugly Stik jigging rods are outfitted with 2-Speed Penn Fathom 40NLD  (Level Drag) reels.

What to Expect

This is your trip, so you choose the style of fishing you want. Some want to run out to the Big Bank, are good with ocean swells and want to hedge their bets on lots of big fish. Others would prefer the calm, sheltered waters of the inshore areas and enjoy the views while still expecting respectable catches of salmon from the many hot spots in the area. 

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The Fish

Bamfield is in the center of the West Coast fishing action with direct access to the Big Bank as well as protected inshore waters. Regardless of your experience or comfort level we can take you to the fish! Chinook, Coho and Sockeye Salmon, as well as Halibut, Lingcod, Cabezon and so many beautiful and tasty varieties of coastal Rock Fish are all within minutes of our docks. Enjoy your day fishing ... not travelling to the fish!

Full Day Fishing Trip (2 Adults): $1400

Inshore/Offshore Chinook, Coho and Bottom fish

Extra Adult Guests: $125/day   Kids (5-11): Incl.

Half Day Fishing Trip (2 Adults): $800

Inshore Chinook, Coho and Bottom fish

Extra Guests: $75/day   Kids (5-11): Incl.

Fishing Seasons.JPG

Fall Fishing: with the mature salmon returning, or having returned, to their natal streams and rivers the fall season consists of chasing feeder springs (smaller resident Chinook salmon) around the channel while the crab and prawn traps soak. If the weather permits there is good fishing for ground fish until mid-November when the season closes for all rock fish and lingcod. Then the only species available that can be targeted are Cabezon (Sculpin) , Flounder and Greenling. We use a descender for releasing Rockfish, if they are caught while jigging - this greatly improves the survival rates of by-catch. 

Winter Fishing: as it was in the Fall, winter fishing is mainly crabbing/prawning and chasing the resident Chinooks. However, in March the halibut will start coming shallow from their deep winter spawning grounds and the bait fish are enticing the 6#-14# Chinooks to feed in ever greater numbers in the channel. A new season is upon us beginning April 1st - check the new regulations and get ready!!

Spring and Summer Fishing: now it is really getting exciting ... the halibut are on the banks in greater numbers and the salmon are getting thick in May and June along the shore - which is good when the weather can be unpredictable. With the weather improving by Mid-June through to August the offshore banks are producing limits of salmon and halibut daily for the experienced local guides. The off-shore may stay closed until Mid-July for salmon. Late June and early July brings the sockeye salmon in the Alberni Inlet and this long awaited early morning fishery This is prime season and the town and fishing grounds are bustling with anglers and visitors.


What to Bring and How to Prepare for Your Trip

Make sure you have your fishing license and know the regulations for the trip. Regulations change from season to season and there are in-season changes all the time. Make sure your FishingBC app is up to date on your phone or tablet.

Give some thought to getting your catch home in good condition. If you are driving, bring a cooler and fish bags/zip lock freezer bags if packaging the fish yourself. Please review the packaging guidelines for salmon , fin fish, and shellfish before you arrive so you understand the requirements. We can provide processing and packaging services ($6/pkg), and we also have deep freezes on the property for your catch ($3/fish) until your departure. We can also sell you both salt and freshwater ice.





Are you prone to motion-sickness? Make sure you have your favourite remedy with you. There are various products that are reported to work very well (Gravol, Transderm patches, etc). We suggest that you don't over-indulge the night before fishing, eat a light breakfast or bring your breakfast with you and eat after your body has become accustomed to the movement of the boat. Don't focus on objects too near to you - leave your phone alone and enjoy the scenery. Stay on the deck and focus on the horizon if you start to feel a little squeamish. 

For the fishing trip, you should dress warm and have closed toed shoes on (decks and docks are not good places for flip-flops). Pack a bag with a hat, sunglasses, gloves, a light jacket, pants if you're wearing shorts, sunscreen, camera/phone (in a waterproof pouch), binoculars, and your favorite music playlist. We provide some beverages and snacks but bring a cooler with your own preferred drinks and munchies. There is a fridge on board to keep your stuff cool. We provide all the fishing gear and tackle but if you have your favorite spoons, teaser heads, hootchies and flies or would rather use your own rod and reel, by all means, bring 'em with you.

A few boat's rules to be aware of:

  1. The Captain makes the final call while on the boat.

  2. There will be a safety briefing before we leave dock reviewing the boat and your responsibilities, identifying all the safety equipment, their use and location and a review of emergency procedures.

  3. The provided auto-inflation PFDs must be worn while on the boat. They are light, convenient and most people try to wear them home, by mistake, they are so comfortable.

  4. Nothing goes in the water that you wouldn't eat. That includes tangled fishing line, cigarette butts, food packaging or beverage containers. There are ashtrays, recycle and refuse containers on board for use.

  5. Intoxication, abusive or unsportsmanlike behavior, illegal activities, or failure to comply with regulations will not be tolerated. The Captain will pull the pin and call it a day - refunds will not be offered for trips cancelled due to these behaviors.

  6. Trips cancelled by the Captain due to dangerously bad weather or mechanical problems are fully refundable. Trips cancelled by clients due to hangovers, sleeping in or non-safety related weather concerns are not refundable. 

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