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Shasco Ventures is located on the West Coast of Vancouver Island in the remote town of Bamfield.


Getting Here

It is an adventurous, beautiful drive to Bamfield and an important part of the journey. The roads you are about to take are part of the reason for the quiet and seclusion offered by our small town. Anyone who is in Bamfield made a concerted effort to get there because they love this town and want to be here - that road is one of the reasons they never want to leave! :) It is worth the journey, just allow enough time and be patient with the conditions and other drivers.

If you are driving out to Bamfield it is important to keep in mind that these are busy, privately owned, gravel, logging roads with little or no cell phone service. This road can be in any condition (from "actually, pretty darn good" to "downright terrible") depending on the stretch of road, the current weather conditions or the season. You can check road information on Western Forest Products website . Make sure you have lots of gas, window cleaning supplies (the dust can be really bad for visibility), a spare tire (know how to change a tire) and provisions for a longer trip than expected. The logging trucks have the right of way so pull over to the side (you probably don't have to stop - just give them room) when you meet one. Don't pass on a corner, on the crest of a hill or into a cloud of dust. If you are driving slower than others, pull over and let them pass you when it is safe to do so - there is no shame in that and it prevents frustrations from becoming poor judgement calls. 

Some basic directions are on the map below or click on the orange buttons to download more detailed directions that you can print and bring along with you.

Duncan and PA to Bam.geprint.jpg

Air Transportation

Pacific Seaplanes.PNG

Pacific Seaplanes fly direct to Bamfield from Vancouver and Port Alberni. Click for Schedule and Fares. Port Alberni does not have a commercial airport so flying from Vancouver is normally more convenient with Pacific Seaplanes.  We will come pick you up at the seaplane dock and make sure you get back there on departure day.

 Ground Transportation

West Coast Trail Express.PNG

West Coast Trail Express runs May 1 - Sept 30th from Victoria and Nanaimo. Check their Schedules and Fares

 Ocean Transportation

Lady Rose Icon.jpg

The Lady Marine Services Ltd provides the Frances Barkley Passenger ferry service three days a week to Bamfield from Port Alberni leaving at 8am on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Check out their website for fares and any News or changes to the schedule.

Custom Transport Options

Please contact us for other transportation options that can be included in your vacation package with Shasco Ventures  

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