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As a result of the global changes and restrictions this past year has presented, we would like to offer you the type of getaways that we, ourselves, would like to experience! A getaway where you can leave the groceries, cooking, planning and worries behind and allow yourself to be fully immersed in an all-inclusive West Coast experience.

We are now offering a two night “Mid-Week Mini Adventure” (aligned with travel dates on the Frances Barkley) and a three night “Bamfield Immersion Adventure”! All meals, snacks, accommodations, exciting outdoor activities and relaxing evening luxuries are included: Local West Coast Cuisine, Hiking, Sea-Kayaking, SUPs, Beachcombing, Picnics, Sunset Cruise, Campfire, Hot Tub and Wood-Fired Barrel Sauna all topped off with a warm, cozy bed in the Shasco House.

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